Friday, January 21, 2011

See, I told you the AJC Sucked!

The AJC Reach is back in the news again for continuing to litter the streets, lawns and driveways of Metro Atlanta. 

CBS TV had a 3 minute long update on the problem in tonight’s broadcast.  News Anchors Stephney Fisher and Jaquitta Williams summarized the problem and tossed it to Leslie Tanner in the field in Reynoldstown , SE Atlanta where she interviewed local resident Karl Xjimenez who complainted that the AJC had started the New Year with a continued barrage of advertising supplements and Ms. Tanner also interviewed Ms. Peggy Denby of the ‘Keep Atlanta Beautiful’ organization which is in the midst of a survey of the litter problem in Atlanta.
As usual the Atlanta Journal Constitution is ducking and diving and not providing any explanation for their continued bad conduct. 

In my own Kennesaw area we still seem to be on the AJC ‘do not throw’ list, but as I have commented before, these lulls never last long, and I expect that before much longer we will have the problem again with both of the AJC toss away papers.

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