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I see on the 6 pm CBS news 1/21/11, that a David Cranford of Marietta was arrested on a Felony charge due to an argument with an AJC delivery person who was in the neighborhood tossing crap onto peoples lawns.  See video at:

Seems he tossed a piece of paper into her open back window to illustrate a point that people do NOT like strangers to throw trash onto their property, whether it is the AJC throwing garbage onto private property or some citizen throwing a piece of paper into some jerks car. Anyway it seems that the charges were almost immediately dropped.

Just another reason that THE AJC TOTALLY SUCKS!

If you are one of the 190,000 people that read this dispicable rag every day, here is an idea.  Don't.  Just don't buy one from a box and DO NOT subscribe! 

Buying even one of these papers just encourages these morons.  Those of us who have lived in the metro area for the last 10 or so years know just what a joke this paper has become, I guess you could use it to wrap dead fish in but frankly what did the fish do to you to deserve it.  So STOP buying this rag. 

The sooner you do then the sooner this 3rd rate rag will go out of business.

Here is the CBS Text of the report FYI:

Man Arrested After Confronting AJC Delivery Driver

David Cranford Charged With Terroristic Threat

By Lesley Tanner, CBS Atlanta Reporter

MARIETTA, Ga. -- For months CBS Atlanta has reported complaints about the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's ad circular, the Reach. Residents all over metro Atlanta say the papers stuffed in plastic bags become litter, and one Marietta man's confrontation with a delivery driver landed him in jail.

"I tried to get her to stop throwing the papers out here, see who I needed to talk to about doing that," said David Cranford.  Cranford said that confrontation lead to his arrest. When the driver refused to stop and talk, Cranford said he noticed her open back window and tossed in a folded up piece of paper. His neighbor, Mark O'Brien, saw the whole thing.

"He said, 'Well how would you feel if people threw stuff on your property,'" said O'Brien. "The back window was down and he just threw that piece of paper in the back window."

"She slams on her brakes, calling me a drunken idiot," said Cranford. "One thing lead to another and we got in a shouting match."

The shouting match ended when the driver called her supervisor and then police. "I thought it was a good idea to call police," said Cranford. "I'd like to have them out here myself."

But after hearing both sides, a Cobb County officer arrested Cranford and charged him with making terroristic threats, a felony. A police spokesman said when someone throws something into a moving vehicle, that's the most appropriate charge. Cranford was taken to jail where he spent several hours.

"It shouldn't have escalated to this, not whatsoever," said Cranford.  An AJC spokeswoman said the company wouldn't comment on the incident because it didn't involve one of their employees. Delivery drivers are hired by a separate distribution company, but Cranford disagreed.

"I think it is their matter," said Cranford. "She called her supervisor. Her supervisor works for that company."   The case against Cranford was dropped.


Here is some good news!  2 more years of declining circulation and the AJC will be out of business!

See full article at:

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution’s paid circulation continued its decline in the past year. The Audit Bureau of Circulations’ preliminary numbers shows the Atlanta daily’s paid weekday circulation fell about 14 percent (from 211,420 in September 2009) to 181,504 in September 2010.

Its weekday paid circulation was 274,062 in September 2008.



We need some Legal help, where are the activist lawyers in Georgia when you need one!

In early 2003 the bar reported 26,936 active members in Georgia.  Attorneys in Georgia are not equally distributed throughout the state. More than two-thirds—almost 18,000—reside within sixty miles of Atlanta. Forty percent work in one county, Fulton.

Now the AJC distributes 1,700,000 of these toss away advertising supplements each week to homes (not apartment houses), so logically there would be at least 12,000 lawyers who are getting these unwanted flyers in their driveways, or on their lawns or sidewalks.

Isn't there just 1 lawyer out there who will take the time out to file for a TRO or initiate a class action suit to stop the AJC?

SUN Circulation  391,815
SAT  Circulation  199,568
(M-F) AVG  DLY  183,415

Circulation averages for the six months ended3/31/2011



This email was copied to me and I will post it here FYI, you might find some of the info of interest as to how American Circulation Innovators assign routes, also you might want to note their email addresses.

Dekalb issues‏

From:  John Davis (
Sent:Tue 3/20/12 1:50 AM
View IMG_20120318_001850-1.jpg in slide show
I am sending this email out to every address I can find for ACI in hopes that someone will listen to the problems and do something about them.
I am sending this anomyously out of fear for the reprecusions of those individuals listed in this email.

My wife has been working as an IC for the past year with your company. My wife was given a route number and basically told to have fun. No one bothered to explain anything about the job to her. She was able to get the help she needed from another IC. In the past year I have recognized this is the just the way this company conducts business. Here in the past few months things have gotten worse. New IC's are told they have to be at the warehouse at midnight never given route numbers. They show up anywhere between 11:30-midnight however there is normally never a manager onsite until at the earliest 1:30-3:00am. These people are left waiting around myself, and some other IC's try to help find their route numbers if possible.

You are lucky to have people like myself and other ICs who are willing to go help. When Danielle does come in to work 90% of the time she is very upset to be there. She walks around with a constant frown upon her face, if you can get her to speak with you it is normally very sharp words. Most of the time you will stand up by her desk she will not acknowledge your exsistance much less help you, after standing there for upwards of 10 minutes she will look at you and say "what do you need? " her behavior as a manager is appalling. However, her behavior is better than what you get from Rick.

Rick has made numerous unethical statements to my wife. He has asked her what she was doing later maybe they can hang out. My wife is not the only woman he does this to. I have over heard and watched him do this to numerous woman. All the while holding the threat of their job over their heads. I can give you a prime example of this, one of the ICs Lynn Lament was her last name i think , had severe problems with Rick's constant sexual harrassment to the point when she refused to go out with him he fired her and imposed a $250 fine on her. Other women like Viviana, Rhonda, Melissa all fear he will do the same with them so they don't cross him.

Both managers have the power to take away people's livelihood and they both use it to their advantages. Rick makes it well known to any IC he has the power to take away or give you as many routes as he wants. Danielle does the same though she is more subtle about it.

They demonstrated this power a few weeks ago with many people having hundreds of dollars taken out of their checks with no warning or explanation. The trackers we are given do not track in certain areas, and has an IC we have no way of knowing the tracker is no longer working unless the fore mentioned managers inform you that they are not. We have asked and I have over heard others ask both Danielle and Rick to please call them if the trackers aren't working I have asked around and no one is getting those calls. It appears to me this is yet another way for these incredibly dysfunctional managers to pick and choose who gets what. There needs to be some type of reconciliation to this system.

In the past these issue didn't exist. They also do not exsist at north Cobb or south Fulton. We have had the pleasure of working at both warehouses once during the busy seasons. The warehouses are clean well maintained zero power struggles between managers. At dekalb the grounds are never kept picked up there is old food,and trash all over the ground. Most all of the carts at dekalb are broken or missing wheels. The stack out staff while much friendlier than the managers are constantly being seen inside Lawrenece's grey van smoking pot. On any given Sunday for the right amount of money KC, and Dennis will offer to bundle people out. They take IC's bundles to Lawrenece's van, KC delivers them to his house where his wife removes all of the white papers identifying the bundles and every other week transports them to the recycle facility in austell where they give his wife's name and they receive a check. For this wonderful service you can pay any where between $20-$50 depending on who you talk to per sunday. All of this is carried on in front of everyone, ICs, stack out manager Dave, Rick and Danielle.

There are many ICs who do bundle out which is very dishearting for those of us who stay in there for hours rolling everything. Danielle encourages people to bundle out, Danielle stands and talks to the woman at route 3155,3156 Jazzy I think is her name, while her husband is loading a cart full of bundles right in front of her. Yet she tells others mostly the white ICs like the girls at route 3149, the couple at 3157 they can not bunde out. Also as a sign of the incredible favoritize that goes on with Rick and Danielle, they told everyone you can only have a max of 2 routes a day, yet on sunday's Danielle and Rick give IC's like Jazzy 5 routes. This particular woman comes into the warehouse any where from midnight-3am and leaves within 20 minutes that should tell you how much she bundles out. Another example of Rick and Danielle's favortize is the ones who have been with ACI the longest where not given priority for Monday or Tuesday routes during optimazation, only their favorites were given routes.

Dennis and others have told ICs that Danielle is paying verifiers to make false claims in their verification records so she can get rid of ICs. Danielle herself has stated numerous times she wishes she didn't have to deal with the white ICs.

I realize that this email is filled with a great deal of information, I am praying to see some action taken with these managers. Rick and Dave have made it perfectly clear that Danielle is best friends with Aline and Torrey and to say anything against her will mean the end of your job because they will protect her at all costs.

I recognize we may have to seek legal council for the sexual harassment and racist behavior we are enduring at the hands of these managers, I would prefer to handle this in-house. Are you aware some of your ICs are engineers, directors of operations, technical analyst, managers who have managed 250 employees, surely you could find better suited managers from hiring off the floor. Here's a thought look at your IC's who have been with you for a year or more.

Thank you,
John Davis