Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Moleman Says:

From deep within the bowels of the Atlanta Journal Constitution comes the information that:

Many local retailers are calling in to report that thousands of the AJC flyers are being tossed into their strip mall dumpsters each week.

ACI (the distributors of AJC Reach and Evening Edge) lasted 7 months in Dallas (08/09) when they tried to distribute the Morning News’ “Briefing”, described as a total screwup. Weekly Briefing distribution was 1 million papers.

The AJC top management (ie: Selection Committee) knew about the poor history of ACI prior to signing up with them but went ahead anyway due to their being the cheapest distributor.

40% driver turnover weekly.

Managing ‘Stop Requests’ gets little attention, it is lip service most of the time.

Drivers have no time to consider those few ‘stop lists’ provided and the drivers are told: “Get the papers out of here!”, this results in papers in the gutter, on sidewalks, lawns etc.

Never had all routes delivered yet, due to lack of drivers willing to work for min. wage and toss 3,000-4,000 papers a day. (normal route is 1,200).

ACI is really a ‘mom and pop’ operation that has a good blog site set up and that is about all it has that works.

ACI may be terminated shortly due to poor performance in delivering the papers.

Even if canned tomorrow, ACI has made a mint already.

Neighborhoods of vocal protesters are skipped in the hope that they will then give up their protests thinking things have changed (they haven’t).

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CBS TV Keeps after the AJC

AJC Reach Continues To Break Atlanta Litter Law
City Officials Still Haven't Written Citations!
By Lesley Tanner, CBS Atlanta Reporter

 June 28, 2010

ATLANTA -- Six weeks after city officials told staff at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to change delivery methods of their weekly "Reach" circular, the company still hasn't complied.

David Eckoff read comments on the Facebook page dedicated to the circular and those who want it stopped. Hundreds of members have posted complaints about the paper. They said it's thrown on their driveways, blows into the street and ends up left behind as litter. For the past few weeks, Eckoff said his street hasn't had those issues, because deliveries have stopped.

"If it's due to permanent and lasting changes in the delivery process then I'm delighted," said Eckoff.  But he said he can't find out for sure.  "It's particularly difficult when the AJC won't communicate with us," said Eckoff.

Eckoff started calling the mayor's office in May, hoping to discuss the city's litter law. Under current code circulars must be weighed down or secured to a door or porch.  Eckoff got his first reply on Monday, when a member of the mayor's communications staff called Eckoff, and told him the AJC is testing ways to weigh down the bags.

CBS Atlanta went to find out where and how the tests were being done.  A few blocks from Eckoff's house deliveries looked like they might be sealed to keep the papers in the bag, but the plastic was just melted together.

Crews didn't find any bags with weights in Kirkwood either.  Resident Jay Taylor said he's unhappy to hear the AJC is still breaking the law.  "I wish the city would cite them if they're breaking the law, and they should," said Taylor. "Little things that are allowed to slip by like that can build up into big things."

City officials wouldn't confirm if or when citations would be issued, but CBS Atlanta found out that for the past few months there hasn't been anyone qualified to write litter citations.


Here are some email addresses for both top management and general mailboxes at the AJC.  Nothing like a good email to start off the day!  Just highlight and copy to your outgoing email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

"How Can I Make The Newspaper Stop When I Don't Subscribe?"

The link to this article has been on my blog for six months, but the article is still available and the 103 comments are from all around the country and are even more interesting than the article. This is a problem nationwide with other newspapers and you can find this info at:
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ACI has approx 300 drivers who are independent contractors and who deliver on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with routes of 1,400 homes a day. They operate out of North Cobb: Kennesaw, South Fulton: College Park and North Dekalb: Clarkston where they accept applications for employment and require a Driver License, Social Security Card, Current Car Insurance and Car Registration.

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A sister blog that is also anti-AJC has a new post which in part quotes "What Georgia State Law Says"

Georgia law O.C.G.A. § 16-7-58 prohibits placement of advertisements on public or private property unless the owner of the property has given permission.
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