Thursday, August 26, 2010

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The Atlanta metro community is fed up with the trash that the AJC throws onto our driveways, lawns and sidewalks. They toss out 1.5 MILLION of these advertising supplements each WEEK. That's right it is each WEEK, not each month of year. They use to mail out the AJC Reach and Evening Edition but it cost a few cents too much so now they have hired a 3rd rate firm from California to toss this litter into your yards.

Boycott the AJC, if you have a subscription cancel it and let them know why, if you advertise with them, STOP it and let them know that you will not support them in their efforts to make money by littering our neighborhoods.

Take a look at:,,

Keep an eye on these sites for information on picketing the AJC and also a class action suit that is in the works. We might need you for both efforts, so check back frequently!

CBS TV - Many Reports But They Can't Get an Interview

A lot of people in the metro Atlanta area are rightly annoyed at this newspaper and the useless litter they put onto driveways, sidewalks etc. CBS has had no luck in getting the AJC to do any interviews on the matter.

See some of the CBS TV reports at: and the print stories are at the end of this blog, just scroll down to find them.


Now I am getting the AJC trash on
Monday as well as Thursdays!

As you will read below, I have been trying for months to have the litter that the AJC calls 'The Evening Edge' stopped from being tossed onto my property every Thursday. They said to the BBB in reply to my complaint: "We have stopped all Circulars at this address. . . Your request to have the Evening Edge stopped at your address for good has been properly noted and received."

2 Thursdays have come and gone since they wrote that, both days there was an 'Evening Edge' in the driveway. Not only that, but today, Monday March 1 they threw a new advertising section in the drive and this is called 'AJC Reach'. So not only am I getting the Evening Edge on Thursdays now the problem has doubled with this new AJC Reach on Monday!

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FYI: I put in a BBB complaint, the AJC still has its A+ rating with them and I see that my complaint has now been 'administratively closed'. I guess the BBB isn't going to take any action on a member that is clearly violating their own guidelines. IMHO the BBB is worthless.

BBB - 2/26/10 Response

"We will close the complaint to report that despite the company's willingness to state their position; you did not agree with their response and therefore remained dissatisfied."Posted by Picasa